• La butte. 3 ans d'accumulation de matières réutilisables issues de ma consommation domestique et de ma création.


Dorais, Ève, "Annie Conceicao-Rivet : de concrètes abstractions", Espace art actuel, no.120, automne 2018, p.95-96

Entrevue avec Marilyn Marcil à CKVL M. Le matin (100,1 FM)

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"Les nouveaux espaces de l'art imprimé" par Suzanne Dansereau. Vie des arts. Été 2016, #243. (.pdf 765 Kb)

Opuscule "Espace Imprimé Espace Ouvert". Maison de la Culture Plateau Mont-Royal. (.pdf 20.4 Mb)


La rencontre des masses : matrices de conception

2016 - 2018

In the last few years, I have been working with the accumulation of objects recovered from my creative work and my domestic consumption. In La rencontre des masses: matrices de conception, accumulation has reached new proportions. Everything begins with the making of a mass from the recovered material. This mass being complex (in shape and volume), I used 3D mapping to capture every aspect of its shape. The virtual model has been stratified in horizontal layers before being graphically represented by the printing of the outline.

In this process, I set aside the individuality of objects in favor of a full mass acting as a sculptural figure. Because of this work on the outline of the mound, I managed to transcribe the graphic movement drawn by shape, volume, empty/ full and inside/ outside transformations.


ESPACE IMPRIMÉ, ESPACE OUVERT, Maison de la culture Plateau Mont-Royal. Commissariée par Émilie Granjon