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Opuscule : Le rencontre des masses. Centre d'art Diane-Dufresne, Repentigny

Dorais, Ève, "Annie Conceicao-Rivet : de concrètes abstractions", Espace art actuel, no.120, automne 2018, p.95-96

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CIBL 101.5 FM – Montréal s’EXPOSe, «Rencontre avec l’artiste Annie Conceicao-Rivet », 8 février 2015.  De 2:34 à 13:46. Animatrice : Marie-Gabrielle Ménard (.mp3 58.1 Mb)


La rencontre des masses : études et prototypes


The exhibition The Meeting of the Masses: Studies and Prototypes gathers sculptures, watercolours, collages and drawings. The project is part of a process of reappropriation of the residual material of creation and consumption as an artistic production material. Conceicao Rivet is interested in the trace left by the human body on recycled objects. By the use of simple printing processes such as tracing paper, border drawing, shadow play or stamping, the artist seeks to capture the geometrical modifications and properties of the recycled manufactured material. The accumulation of pencil lines or the addition of stenciled watercolour layers are methods used to give shape, volume and mass to an object singularly transformed by the pressure of the body on its surface.


2018 Centre d’art Diane Dufresne, Repentigny
2016 Galerie R3, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
2016 Orléans Gallery, Ottawa. Ontario
2015 Maison de la culture Frontenac, Montréal