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Le grand nettoyage


Le Grand Nettoyage (The Big Clean-up) is a serial project which linked a sculpture installation and actions, with sound and video.

The action is to explore a new area by using familiar objects, in moving my body in contact with objects. These objects are created by mold imprints of my body to the material. These molds are formed to receive and contain my body. Those are a foot-rest, a buttocks-rest, a knee-rest, for example, and were made of different materials and properties.

Also, I have a camera on a part of my body which I cannot see, and I place a microphone at the meeting point of the body subject to amplify a sonority that is imperceptible to my ear.

These devices allow me to capture video and audio information impossible to achieve on my own.

Le Grand Nettoyage is a reflection on the re-appropriation of my body as a tool. I give my body the role of a tool to act upon my environment and try to understand its place in this relationship.

Expositions :

2011 Centre d’artistes Circa, Montréal
2010 La Chaufferie, Montréal