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La rencontre des masses (Finland)


Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) artist and studio-apartments residency exchange in Tapiola
in partnership with the  Finnish Artists' Studio Foundation
Espoo, Finland

I have a personal reflection on the important accumulation of residual matter in my workshop (previous production, tests, wrappings and containers, tools, and creation waste). This cluttering state transforms my space and my ability to move and brings an interest to integrate my residual matters into my research (Emboîtement series, 2011).

Throughout the residency, I will pursue this work; I will however use recyclable objects. With this project, my approach will be to use the noticeable imprint of a standardization of the human body that occurs in the production of domestic and food objects. My working method, with workshop leftovers, develops on another level, that of the local community. I wish to create a breach, an interference, in the usual route of an object bound to recycling. I consider a project in which I invite my neighbors, the citizens, and, by extension, the municipal sorting center, to take part in the recyclable matter collecting project. The whole thus collected will be the material of my residency research. This project allows me to develop a mediation part in which I open a citizen's reflection on the status of the object, as well as a consciousness-raising part, giving the citizen the option to modify the consumption cycle of the object when choosing to dedicate it to my artistic project.

The phenomenon of the trace and of its accumulation is appealing to me, especially when considering that an important mass of human imprint (transformation-related manipulation) adds itself to the visual and sound properties of the recyclable objects. For this reason, a preparatory work is required, in which I will build an information bank detailing the relationship between the visual (texture, volume, surface, form, transparency, light reflexion) and sound (hollow, sharp, reverberating, clear) aspects.